Blinds Between Glass(BBG)

CMECH BBG by technology comprises an aluminum frame with integrated blinds or shades sealed between insulated glass. They ensure maximum energy efficiency by giving you precise manual or electronic control over the heat and sunlight entering the room.

Electronic venetian blinds, intelligent dimming

Control the movement of venetian blinds by remote or wall control to enjoy a quiet and comfortable space in your home. The view to the outside becomes visible with elegant raise and lowering of the blinds. The angle of the blinds can be adjusted according to the change in light.

Up to40%Energy Savings

BBGs dramatically reduces HVAC costs and allows for easy adjustment of sunlight and heat entering the room. BBG prevents UV rays from damaging interior decorations.

Superior Privacy & Sound Insulation

Blinds offer privacy and insulated glass provides excellent soundproofing and security. Widely used in high-end offices, luxury residences, hospitals, hotels and other premium real estate developments.

Large width, wide field of view

The electronic series uses ultra-wide BBGs controlled individually or simultaneously for optimal energy saving. The narrow frame design allows for a larger field of view.

Long life

Manual Controlled BBG series can achieve more than 140,000 cycles and far above the highest industry standards of 30,000 cycles.

Reliable in extreme environments

The BBGs are assembled utilizing specialized sealing materials. The glass surface will show no change after 168 hours of UV exposure and the glass will not frost during a dew point test at -65ºC, easily meeting international standards.

World-class manufacturing in a dust-free facility

BBGs are manufacured in an world-class thermostatic, humidity controlled and dust-free production area. The units are tested at several times higher than industry and international requirements to meet stringent standards for comfort, safety and energy conservation.