Gliding Doors   Applicable Range
Sash Width (mm) 500-1,600
Sash Height (mm) 1,200-2,700
Load-bearing (kg) ≤150
Cmech Metro Handle

Our revolutionary design features an ingenious internal structure that makes operation lighter and simpler

Cmech R / V Roller

Our rollers are a result of extensive material R&D and precision structural parts

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Metro Handle
Double-Side Metro Handle
150 kg Roller

Type R - 1630R

120 kg Roller

Type R - 1224R

80/120 kg Roller

Type V

80/120 kg Roller

Type R

120 kg Roller

Type V - 2823V

120 kg Roller

Type V -2828V

120 kg Roller

Type R - 2423V

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