• CT55 IS Thermal Break Inward & Tilt Turn Series
  • CT55 OS Thermal Break Outward & Awning Series
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    • Window sashes come with positioning lines that allows friction hinges to easily fit into position.
    • Wider drainage channels can be slid into position with no need for further milling or processing.
    • Locking brackets fit precisely into place for a quick installation with no need for adjustment.
    • The frame profile design features an internal notch for embedding aluminum reinforcement rods,
      making the slide-in installation more secure while increasing the maximum load on the profile.
    • Our hinges allow precise positioning and rapid installation, eliminating the need for excess adjustment.
    • The frame sash provides even insulation with outstanding thermal performance and brings insulation
      performance to another level combined with CMECH’s BBGTM technology.
    • Carefully calibrated cavity dimensions provide excellent water and wind resistance.
    • The three-channel sealed design effectively reduces heat transfer through internal air convection,
      significantly improving heat retention performance.
  • CT125 LS Thermal Break Lift & Slide Series
  • CT100 GD Thermal Break Gliding Door Series
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    • Carefully calibrated cavity dimensions provide perfect meshing with CMECH hardware.
    • Dedicated locking points need no drilling or threading, making positioning and installation quick and easy.
    • Dedicated heel blocks allows for easy installation with minimal process on the profiles.
    • Frame sashes sealed with adhesive strips using a dual-layer sealing design to improve air and water tightness.
    • Our design conceals the lock point, increasing security and appearances.
    • The C-groove and cavity dimensions are thoughtfully designed to facilitate better mating with CMECH hardware.
    • Carefully arranged reinforcement bars make completing cutting work when installing CMECH
      hardware quick and easy.
    • The dual-seal structural design effectively improves sealing performance.
    • The concealed lock point design lends an attractive appearance while decreasing the time
      needed for positioning and installation.
  • CT55 CD Thermal Break Hinged Door Series
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    • Three different CMECH hinges for accommodating a range of door weights.
    • Insulation strips are fitted flush to the frame for superior thermal performance.
    • Easy and quick installation while using CMECH hardware.

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